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The Mateship Phase commences on the last day of the camp. Each graduating youth is assigned a ‘Mate’ who will support that youth, over the next twelve months, in fulfilling the good resolutions made at the end of the 10 day wilderness phase.

The Mate is a male of mature disposition and good character. He is of any adult age, from any walk of life, married or single, working or retired. He holds a Queensland Government ‘Blue Card’ for working with youth.

For the youth the Mate is not a father, teacher, counsellor or psychologist. He is a MATE. (for details on Vitae’s concept of being a Mate see page on Mateship) Mates keep in touch with the youth by both personal and electronic contact.

Vitae arranges functions, which are social and activity based, at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months after the camp; as well as at the conclusion of the Mateship Phase. Both Mates and youths are expected to attend these functions and the Mates will arrange transport to the events.

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