VITAE (‘for life’) is a non-profit organisation centred on life and being life giving.
Our Vision is to enable young Australians at risk to realise their full potential by becoming fully human.

Vitae came about because of a concern over the despair (without hope) symptoms seen in Australian youth in antisocial behaviour, violence, crime, substance abuse and suicide. These symptoms are seen to be death centred rather than life centred.

Vitae provides youth with the environment in which to make life changing decisions. Vitae has grown up from the founders' 25 or so years of experience in bush based interventions.

Vitae sponsors youth to a program called the Vitae Challenge. The Vitae Challenge consists of two Phases - The Bush Phase and the Mateship Phase.

The Bush Phase is a total of 5 days based on water and bush-based training and activities - see Bush Phase 11-13.

The Mateship Phase is 12 months of mentoring for each youth by a responsible male adult - see Mateship Phase.