The Mateship Phase immediately follows the Bush Phase. At the Graduation ceremony of the Bush Phase each Youth is introduced to a responsible male adult  who will be that Youth's particular Mate for the next 12 months. They will spend time together to plan mutually agreeable times to contact/meet and activities to enjoy.

The Mates Program provides men with the opportunity to make a real contribution to society, to gain a personal sense of achievement and to make a significant difference to the life of a young man.

It provides each Youth with a Mate who will support and encourage him in the good attitudes and resolutions coming out of the Bush Phase.

Who Can Be A Mate

Men from all walks of life and of any age group are welcome to become a Mate. They may be married, single working or not. The only requirement is to be prepared to be a Mate and to hold a Queensland Government 'Blue Card' for working with children (which Vitae will help you obtain).

What Do Mates Do

The role involves keeping in contact with your Youth by phone or electronic means weekly and to arrange a face to face monthly meeting which could be a simple chat, a meal or attendance at a sporting match or other function or activity—the range of activities is unlimited as long as the activity does not expose the Youth to any danger or illegality.

The Mate is supported in his role by the professional person who refers the Youth. The maximum time commitment would be in the order of 6 hours a month.

How Vitae Helps

Men from all walks of life and of any age group are welcome . Vitae will conduct training for you to learn more about being a Mate and to skill you for the role.
Vitae arranges functions several times during the 12 months of each Mateship Phase in the form of Reunions, outdoor activities and community service for the Youths and an opportunity for the Mates to debrief and exchange ideas.
Vitae will also conduct a social activity to formally conclude the Mateship Phase.