A Chapter is the means by which the people of a region can say to the disaffected and miscreant youth of their area "we believe that you can do better with your life and we will provide support for you to do so".

A Chapter consists of two groups of people:

The Committee - comprises of Mayor (or representative) presidents/chairpersons from service clubs, community groups, business people and the like. This group handles the administration involved in the set up and funding of a Chapter. This committee is responsible for:

  • holding an official launch of the Chapter
  • raising funds, by donation or fundraising events, to send a Group of 10-12 youths on one Vitae Challenge per year
  • opening a sub-bank account into which the funds are deposited
  • arranging publicity for all initiatives
  • setting, in discussion with Vitae, the date of the Bush Phase that the youths will be attending
  • organising a function to welcome the youths back home to meet with the participants and their parents and to acknowledge certificates and awards.

The Support Team - consists of representatives from local police, welfare agencies, schools, employment agencies, local youth agencies etc. This group identifies participants, completes required paperwork etc. identifies 1 or 2 suitable adults to accompany participants to attend and participate in the Bush Phase and follows up the participants on return to the local area. This committee is responsible for:

  • identifying 10-12 participants
  • ensuring participants are prepared for the Vitae Challenge by organising and completing all of the required paperwork and forwarding it to Vitae
  • identifying 1 or 2 suitable adults to accompany the participants to and from the Bush Phase and participate in the wilderness based activities
  • arranging suitable transport and driver to and from the Bush Phase
  • identify suitable male adults – one for each youth – and with the assistance of Vitae train them to be Mates

If you feel that you would like to get involved please contact us.