Become a Mate

Vitae seeks to provide support to disadvantaged youth by way of skills acquisition and personal development utilising outdoor activities; and ongoing mentoring provided by interested, motivated members of the community.

Mentoring: Mentoring provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings the youth together with a caring individual who offers guidance, support and encouragement. Specifically it involves the following:

  • • Empowers the youth to develop to their fullest potential
  • • Is a strategy to develop active community partnerships
  • • Fosters caring and supportive relationships
  • • Involves positive role modelling not counselling
  • • Is ‘safe’ for all involved

How it works:

The role would normally begin with an introduction during or at the end of the bush camp. The Participant and his Vitae Mate will then meet regularly to build a positive relationship that helps the Participant realise their potential. It is expected that each Vitae Mate becomes involved with the Participant for a period of 12 months doing uplifting activities like having a meal together, going to the movies, playing sport, visiting workplaces or building or making something. Contact during this period could be in the form of face to face meetings or by electronic mentoring using texting, telephone or video technology. Vitae will be arranging social activities involving all camp Participants one, three, six and 12 months after the initial camp. These activities will be “themed” and will have both a developmental and social component. They will also give the Vitae Mates the opportunity to meet, share experiences and generally network.

Over time a relationship will be built between the Participant and Vitae Mate that is supportive and encouraging, and will enable positive personal growth for the young person.

Interested in becoming a Vitae Mate?

If you would like to learn about being a Vitae Mate please contact us.