Bush Phase

Vitae believes that wilderness based training is most beneficial in helping to change values and therefore change behaviour. Vitae has continuously sponsored camps in the bush since 2006. These camps are designed to challenge young Australian males to improve their life skills and make better life choices.

The camps are conducted by Adventure Alternatives and are a 10 day wilderness based intervention for youth to move them away from negative behaviours. The camps are conducted in the bush north of Woodford, Queensland.

The camps consist of three phases:

  1. Phase 1. Five days in the bush learning to be comfortable and secure, to ensure that physiological and safety needs are met. It involves of hiking, team building, bush craft and adventure activities; as well as some bush based community service activities. This phase allows the bush to work its healing.

  2. Phase 2. Participants engage in challenging activities which include two days bicycle riding to a mountain – which they ascend. This phase underpins ability and achievement in facing challenges.

  3. Phase 3. A time of reflection for participants to plan their future and make resolutions on how to better live their lives. This phase concludes with a celebratory dinner on the last night and a morning graduation ceremony, in the presence of their relatives and friends, prior to departure.