Many Youths have been assisted by Vitae - Here are some testimonials reflecting the help given.

"Thank you for the opprotunities you have given J... to discover some of his potential. We sent you an angry, sullen child and in a very short period of time, you have returned to us a young man who is happy, proud of himself and a joy to be around."

"From what he has told us, it seems like it was a hard week for all you dealing with him. He was extremely disappointed that he only received a blue award. However, he knows why this occurred and accepts responsibility for it. This in itself is a huge improvement for him as he has never been able to see the error of his ways before (always someone else's fault, never his). We are also seeing a positive change at home so far, so hopefully this is the start of his journey rather than the end. There has been a very positive change to his language and answering back."

" I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for your care and understanding of C.... during his adventure. He enjoyed it so much and feels such pride that he has achieved so much. He is seeming so much more clear and motivated and, dare I say, happy. He is aiming to get back to school after the Easter break and I am hopeful that he achieves this. He obviously overcame many fears and challenges during his time with you and, hopefully, he will now rejoin real life. He is such a talented and intelligent boy that it has been heartbreaking watching him become trapped in his self doubts and loathing."

"I'd like to congratulate you on an amazing experience that you have provided for these young people. I felt very priviledged to be at the graduation to see K... in uniform, standing so tall and proud! K... is feeling extremely proud of his achievements and overwhelmed that he completed the trip as it was very challenging!"