Core Value

The core Value of Vitae is Mateship

Vitae ( embraces the many Australian Core Values. These include:

  • being ‘fair dinkum’,
  • giving everyone a ‘fair go’,
  • being a Nation of ‘many but one’,
  • helping the ‘battler’,
  • supporting the ‘under-dog’


Vitae recognises that all these values are encapsulated in the Australian term Mateship! To be Australian is to be a Mate to your fellow Aussies.

Mateship takes the word friendship and elevates it to a higher plane. It makes as an absolute the expectation that assistance will be offered, needs will be met and loneliness will never be experienced.

Mateship is the assurance that no one should ever despair of having to cope alone with the tragedies of life.

Mateship takes the word love and activates it into immediate action. It makes two people as one whatever their gender, their ethnic background, their age, their colour or their beliefs.

Mateship can cross boundaries with ease as it is love with its sleeves rolled up. It gives without counting the cost, or expecting anything in return; it is immediate and unconditional.

Mateship is the antidote to strife, conflict or war. It is the quality which motivates us to go to enormous lengths, sometimes at great personal sacrifice, to seek ways of reconciliation and healing; rather than let events precipitate into arguing or fighting.

Mateship is that quality which, when involved in conflict, fights without fail to repel an aggressor; and to defend the innocent, the unfortunate and those being trampled upon.