About Us

BoardVitae came about because of a concern over the despair (without hope) symptoms seen in Australian youth in antisocial behaviour, violence, crime, substance abuse and suicide. These symptoms are seen to be death centred rather than life centred.

Vitae provides youth with the environment in which to make life changing decisions. Vitae has grown up from the founders' 25 or so years of experience in bush based interventions.

Vitae sponsors youth at risk onto Camp' which are conducted by Adventure Alternatives. For details of the Camps go to Camps.

The VITAE Board

The Vitae Board conducts the affairs of Vitae and ensures that the foundational ethos and vision is maintained.


Vitae does not have staff. The Staff for Camps are employed by Vitae's contractor Adventure Alternatives on their ability to role model a mature, positive, life giving way of life.

Staff have a Positive Notice for Child Related Employment 'Blue Card' and are First Aid and CPR qualified.